Important Safety Warning and Disclaimer:

Important Safety Warning and Disclaimer:

Read Before You Pledge, Use or Buy the Magnets

– Disclaimer: BAMCNC LLC (Owner of neither assumes nor accepts any liability for damages resulting from the handling or use of these magnets. With your pledge, the backer confirms that you have read and understood the following warnings. The backer agrees that he or she is responsible for all damages and injuries caused by the magnets; which includes, property damages or personal injuries. The backer must also check local laws before pledging. The backer must agree with the terms before they pledge to purchase the magnets. Pull forces that BAMCNC LLC provides is an estimate only and BAMCNC LLC is not responsible for any inaccuracy of magnet pull force.

– Neodymium magnets are very strong. Handling them with care is necessary to prevent personal injuries or property damages. Be Responsible and use in a safe manor.


– Neodymium magnets are brittle; they can be broken with impact. Wear gloves and protective glasses when handling these magnets, because pieces could disengage and fly at your eyes or other body parts and stab you.

– Learn more about Magnet Safety here –

– The strong magnetic fields of these Neodymium magnets can damage pace-makers or other bodily implants, keep a minimum of 4 feet distance from such devices.

– Any time “magnet(s) is used in this project, it is assumed as “TiMaG and CuMaG”

– Children should not be allowed to handle magnets as they can be very dangerous. Especially small magnets as they pose a choking hazard and should never be swallowed or inserted into the body.

This is a Living document and can be changed at any time, please check back for an updated document.

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