TUKK is being discontinued, limited supply! 

COPPER TUKK - Tactical Utility Knife Keychain



Product Details

An ultra portable EDC utility knife keychain, that conceals like a flash drive.

TUKK use to stand for "Titanium Utility Knife Keychain".  However since I now have other materials, it's changed to "Tactical Utility Knife Keychain"

Weight: 1.0 oz

Size: 2.125" long, 1/2" wide, 1/4" thick

Material: Copper

*Actual product finish/appearance varies from batch to batch.

**Copper may appear to look dirty, this is just natural oxidation.  "Patina" will form over time.  You can use Metal Polish to "clean" and make uniform.

Click here for Replacement Blades on Amazon *Recommended for guaranteed fit

Click here for Replacement screws #12990 for Black Screws

Must be 18yrs old to purchase. Do NOT store in your pocket.

Tactical Keychains LLC shall not be liable for any damages that may be incurred with the use of this product.

Customer Reviews

Based on 295 reviews
Blackened TUKK & MQR

I purchased the Blackened TUKK & MQR Combo and absolutely love them both. The quality is amazing!! The Blackened combo will be perfect for you if you're looking for something with less bling than the Copper or Brass TUKKs. I definitely plan on buying more MQRs soon!!

Brass TUKK

Been eyeballin’ one of these suckers for a hot minute. When Brad gave the notice that they’re limited to the remaining inventory I had to snag one and start building a tucking collection. Now it goes everywhere with me. Did love the note not to carry in my pocket... ... I’m gunna not do that right now. Stellar engineering and quality as sliced bread. I dig it

Beautiful piece

It’s so well made & probably will outlast me!

Handy little bugger

Received my TUKK recently. I got the copper version and I absolutely love it. Just wish I could get a titanium TUKK but unfortunately these are no longer available. The blade sometimes stick but as mentiomed with the product instructions, it may need a break in period.


I have an addiction to finely machined tools. The copper TUKK joins my TUKK-XL and WTF, more to come.
Shipping and service was excellent.