The MINI TUKK is being discontinued, limited supply!  Don't worry TUKK XL isn't going anywhere :)

COPPER TUKK - Tactical Utility Knife Keychain



Product Details

An ultra portable EDC utility knife keychain, that conceals like a flash drive.

TUKK use to stand for "Titanium Utility Knife Keychain".  However since I now have other materials, it's changed to "Tactical Utility Knife Keychain"

Weight: 1.0 oz

Size: 2.125" long, 1/2" wide, 1/4" thick

Material: Copper

*Actual product finish/appearance varies from batch to batch.

**Copper may appear to look dirty, this is just natural oxidation.  "Patina" will form over time.  You can use Metal Polish to "clean" and make uniform.

Click here for Replacement Blades on Amazon *Recommended for guaranteed fit

Click here for Replacement screws #12990 for Black Screws

Must be 18yrs old to purchase. Do NOT store in your pocket.

Tactical Keychains LLC shall not be liable for any damages that may be incurred with the use of this product.

Customer Reviews

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I'm Addicted!

I have several TUKK & TUKKXL. I carry one with me every day and have them sitting all around the house. Always excellent craftsmanship! Buy one, or two, or three... You won't be disappointed!

Copper tukk

Great utility accent for my black tukkbox

AMAZING little tool! Unbelievable quality!

I honestly never really review things online, but I had to make an exception to say a few things about this amazing tool. This thing is seriously impressive. At first, I wasn't sure just HOW USEFUL this little thing was going to be. Not only is it super useful, it's super fun to just admire. It's really a shame that due to knock-offs, this beautiful piece of engineering is being discontinued. I feel very lucky to have the real deal that was expertly created by Brad. The fit and finish on this thing (and on my TUKK XL) is absolutely flawless. It's one of those things that I will make sure I take care of for the rest of my life so that in a few decades or so I can pass it down to one of my kids.

If you're on the fence of whether or not to get one... DO IT! Before it's too late. You will absolutely not regret it. While you're at it, get a TUKK XL because they are just as awesome.

If you are reading this you are on the right path.

Best ever! Made in the USA, Quality unsurpassed by none. These products will be heirlooms like the finest leather products sold. I have purchased many of these to be passed on to friends so that they may be blessed as well. Honestly if you are thinking of purchasing a product from you will never be disappointed. Except no Chinesium subsistute.

Very nice

Very nice compact little knife, some real craftsmanship went to making these. Even better than I was expecting. I’m so glad I was able to get one for my collection before they were gone for good. I can’t wait to order a copper tukkXL. Thanks Brad I can’t wait to see what you make next.