Mystery Beta Tester

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Normally I would write some information about the product here. :P

Basically you will be a 1st run Beta Tester for a new product.

This product is just that, BETA TEST. We will work together on the product

and come up with new attachments, function tweaks, etc. If you aren't up for this,

please don't purchase the product until you know what it is.  Thank you for helping!









Must be 18yrs old to purchase. Do NOT store in your pocket.

Tactical Keychains LLC shall not be liable for any damages that may be incurred with the use of this product.

Customer Reviews

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Why aren’t you supporting Brad yet!!!???

He’s never made a product I haven’t liked. This Jr. Is exactly what I needed. As a lefty, there aren’t many things that are made for us weirdos. Brad definitely filled that gap by making it for lefties and righties. 100/10 hands down

Amazing addition to my EDC

This knife is super light and small but still extremely versatile! I barely even notice it when it’s in my pocket. The blade change is smooth and easy. I can wait to get a clip on this thing so it can become a permanent part of my EDC. The tukk JR will never replace my tukk xl but they aren’t really comparable in that way. The xl and JR are used for different purposes and excel in different areas. I love them both and enjoy supporting a small but thriving business!

Simply Incredible

The most ingenious little pocket knife since the tukk! Well let me be honest, everything Brad makes is ingenious! I absolutely love how you incorporated a diy lanyard loop. Still haven't decided if I'll drill mine out yet or not. If I manage to scoop a second one I'll definitely drill one of em. Tukkjr is the most convenient everyday pocket knife. Easy blade change and flawless fiction extending and retracting the blade. Just perfect!

Blown away

To say this thing is handy is an understatement. I need 10 more to put in every place if only for pure convenience. If you are questioning where or not you need this or will use it the answer is yes so go ahead and buy it.

Just wow

The JR is the first of the TUKK series I purchased and I absolutely love it. Of course the machining is amazing and the colors are perfect.