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TK-Tweak - 4mm Precision screwdriver



Product Details

The TK-Tweak provides storage for 2 extra bits under the end cap, so at any given time you can have 3 bits with you. That said, there are no bits included. Charging you for bits you won't use doesn't make sense to me. Too many different types of bits (I suggest Wiha), and everyone will be using this for different tasks I'm sure. Maybe you got this for cell phone repair, working on an RC car, or changing your blade in TUKK ;)

Tweak Details: Copper or Brass accents (Now extra grip)

Tweak Weight: ~ 0.6 oz

Tweak Size: ~ 3-3/16" long

Tweak Material: Titanium shaft with Brass or Copper 'Grip and End cap', and a very expensive spinner bearing Bearing for no reason, but it's what I had left from the spinner fad. :)

Tray Details: Designed for the 68 piece Wiha Bit set, with a few extra holes.

Tray Weight: ~ 10 oz

Tray Size: ~ 3" x 7"

Tray Material: Billet piece of 6061-T6511 Aluminum

*** Bits Not Included - See link below for Bits I recommend ***

Recommend bit kit - Wiha Bit Kit Link

*NEW UPDATE* New batch of TK-Tweak now fits cheap china bits (They are undersized), also now fits "socket" bits.

**Actual product finish/appearance varies from batch to batch.

Tactical Keychains LLC shall not be liable for any damages that may be incurred with the use of this product.

Customer Reviews

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Outstanding quality

Just like everting else Brad makes these Tweaks are high quality superior products with an attractive price tag. Definitely a must have as part of your EDC. One day I will own at least one of everything that this gentleman makes. I love all the products you have out and can’t wait to see what you come out with next.

Awesome screwdriver, hard to find good bits.

I got both the copper (not in picture) and brass version of the TK-Tweak, and they are really top quality. Great machining and high-end materials. It manages to get the combination of a solid yet light feeling in the hand, which is preferred when it comes to a precision screwdriver.

I got the Aluminum tray as well, the screwdriver fits as a glove along with the bits. The only trouble I have is finding quality bits. I did get the Wiha-set, and that one is really good. The only problem is the price. I live in Sweden and over here micro-bits barely exist, only cheap Chinese ones. This is not a flaw of the TK-Tweak, it's simply because your "average Joe" wants cheap "throwaway" tools... The TK-Tweak is a keeper though!


Been following Brad for a few years now and have always been impressed with his innovation and origionality. Many copy Brads products, but none will come close to the workmanship and skill that Brad has.

Brilliant product!

10/10 would bang again.


As always Brad has delivered another beautifully made piece. Great size and finish. Would recommend. Now I can get rid of my homemade one and get a few more bits!

Bad Ass

Was able to get a tweak and a couple weeks later the tray to go with it. Pictures don’t do justice to the quality of these items.