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MQR-XS  "Magnetic Quick Release - Xtra Strong"

(yes, it's not how you spell extra, but ES wouldn't be fun)

As seen on Instagram, MQR-XS came to be because I had material I couldn't use to make TUKK XL. When life gives you lemons make lemonade. :)  These may be the only ones I ever make, it's all up to how satisfied you are with your purchase.  I'd love to hear your feed back after a few weeks of use.  What can I improve, it's too strong, etc. 

These are EXTREMELY strong, and could pinch your fingers if used improperly.  Keep away from children, pets, etc. Use common sense :) The magnets are brittle, do not hit them with a hammer, drop them, etc.

I suggest putting key rings, or paracord through the holes before pulling them apart, because it may fly across the living room, into the kitchen and stick to the fridge :)

Also do not climb with, or hold anything "important" with these. They are a "novelty" item.

Thank you for the support!!!

Brad & Family

p.s. the reviews are from standard MQR, gotta get that fixed.


Tactical Keychains LLC shall not be liable for any damages that may be incurred with the use of this product.

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Peace of Mind

I purchased the TKMQR for my motorcycle keys. Even though they never fell off, I always had a small worry that they would some day. Now I have switched for the MQR-XS in Dirty Aluminum and that worry is gone. They are definitely strong and the locking mechanism means they won't slide apart, either.

I would have preferred blackened aluminmum (more like what they looked like on Instagram), but I'm happy with function over a slight color difference.