TUKK is being discontinued, limited supply! 

BRASS MQR - Magnetic Quick Release



Product Details

Made famous on Kickstarter.com - Magnetic Quick Release keychain

Very handy when used in combination with TUKK, but can be used for just about anything.

You can use MQR as a quick release, a standard magnet, or just as a way to hang your keys on something metal.

Weight: 0.2 oz

Size: 3/4" Long (connected), 5/16" Diameter

Material: Brass

Magnet Pull: 4lbs according to magnet manufacturer

*Actual product finish/appearance varies from batch to batch.

**Brass may appear to look dirty, this is just natural oxidation.  "Patina" will form over time.  You can use Metal Polish to "clean" and make uniform.

***Keyring hole size larger than Kickstarter batch, fits more keyrings!

KEY RINGS NOT INCLUDED because there are so many choices, Pickup Key rings here - Amazon

Tactical Keychains LLC shall not be liable for any damages that may be incurred with the use of this product.

Customer Reviews

Based on 186 reviews
1st class product

Liked the brass ones so much I bought copper ones as well.

Superb craftsmanship

The perfect blend of form and function. A truly useful and convenient product.

Liked 1 so much, I bought 2 more.

Perfect, simple, and well made. I only wish they came with split rings.

Copper MQR

If you EDC a TUKK, the MQR hands down is the best companion for it to be attached to a keychain. The magnet is strong enough for the TUKK to remain attached and snap off with ease when needed. The convenience is unmatched. I had tried multiple attachment form carabiner, S biner and several types of spring loaded quick release, but the MQR is just the most convenient quick release keychain attachment for small items.
Should you be overwhelm with excitement to use the MQR immediately upon receiving the parcel, then better stock up some split rings as these does not come shipped with split rings

Release keychain

Another Great TUKK product!!! Have been more than happy with every product I’ve purchased. The owner is very helpful and informative!