Mini Fidge Pre-Order - Not your average spinner!

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Due to website limitations, you will need to build your Mini Fidge in the CART.

A COMPLETE Mini Fidge would include a Body, Bearings/weight, and a Button. (3 separate additions to the cart)

I have only made this single all Brass prototype, but you have Copper options :)

If you have any questions, please see this and newer Instagram posts - CLICK HERE

Go through and add the items you want, I will build it.  If it's complicated or you ordered multiples, please leave notes at the bottom of the cart page in the big box on how to build :)

* Please note the buttons fit R188 bearings, which many other spinner makers use. This is a great time to buy (pre-order) them, as I'm not sure when they will be "in stock"

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