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TK-Tweak - 4mm Precision screwdriver



Product Details

"I need some good marketing words for right here, catchy tag line, etc"

The TK-Tweak provides storage for 2 extra bits under the end cap, so at any given time you can have 3 bits with you. That said, there are no bits included. Charging you for bits you won't use doesn't make sense to me. Too many different types of bits (I suggest Wiha), and everyone will be using this for different tasks I'm sure. Maybe you got this for cell phone repair, working on an RC car, or changing your blade in TUKK ;)

Details: Currently you can only select Copper or Brass accents

Weight: ~ 0.6 oz

Size: ~ 3-3/16" long

Material: Titanium shaft with Brass or Copper 'Grip and End cap', and a Bearing

*NEW UPDATE* New batch of TK-Tweak now fits cheap china bits (They are undersized), also now fits "socket" bits.  I still highly recommend Wiha Bits

**Actual product finish/appearance varies from batch to batch.

Tactical Keychains LLC shall not be liable for any damages that may be incurred with the use of this product.

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Customer Reviews

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Feels great in hand!

I wanted something to keep in my shirt pocket when working on alarm systems and access control systems. They use a lot of 18 to 22 gauge wire and tiny little screws to connect them to the boards. Some boards use philips and some use slotted bits. Now I can keep the two smaller slotted bits that I use on a daily basis and also the philips. The bearing is super smooth. You can use it one handed which is a must since I need to hold the wire in place with one hand while screwing it into place with the other.

If you were thinking about getting one... go for it. You won't be disappointed. This thing is awesome.

Awesome little tool!

I tried to resist getting one of these since I already have the TK-Driver, but then he posted a few on sale I couldn't pass it up. Boy am I glad I didn't! This thing is awesome! The one I got was "blemished" but I've looked it over the best I can and cannot find anything wrong with it at all! Keep up the good work Brad, I can't wait to see what you come up with down the line!

Tukk for life

Makes my knife maint. 10x easier!
Awesome work.. awesome tooll❗️

Great Tool

This is a very well designed multi tool. Three positive factors. 1. I really like the large swivel head that allows me to place my finger on top and keep the pit engaged in the screw head. It's not small like most screw drivers with this feature. 2. I like the fact that the bits are interchangable. This is a very nice feature. 3. I like the copper accents, let's face it, they are just cool! You will not be sorry that you purchased this product!

Simply amazing

The quality and craftsmanship is supurb.