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TUKK HD Honeycomb

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These items are expected to ship in 1 week.

***Actual product color/finish/appearance varies from batch to batch.***

**Does not come with Blade, Clip or Loop, those are add-ons. HD, XL, and JR CLIP are the SAME.

*  Shipped without blade, but will be tested with DeWalt Carbide blades, link below.

TUKK HD is a Light Duty Utility Knife. Not a replacement for a large handled utility knife. 

TUKK HD has an added notch for quick cuts without extending the blade.
Tool-less Blade changes & multiple lock positions :)

There is nothing like this on the market, it's original in every way all the way down to the lanyard loop. This is not a product you pull out of the package and it "just works" you have to understand how it works.

There will be a link to a YouTube video on your packaging, to explain the TUKK XL and how it works. How to load the blade, how to... everything :)  (also basically already on Instagram in highlights)

It all started on Instagram, so if you are on the fence about the TUKK XL please check out my instagram 

Questions? DO NOT ORDER if you aren't sure of something. Click here to send me an email.

Click here for Replacement Blades on Amazon

Click here for Clip Replacement screws (1/4" version for new XL)

Click here for Body Replacement screws

Must be 18 years old to purchase. Do NOT store in your pocket. Be responsible, this is not a toy!

Tactical Keychains LLC shall not be liable for any damages that may be incurred with the use of this product.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Jesus Ramirez

Great quality, awesome designs!

dewey hylton
Love the new design!

Looks fantastic.
Feels fantastic.
Works ... fantastically.

Just as with my original, this knife has amazing fit and finish. While lightweight, the knife is heavy and solid enough to feel good in my hand while carrying and using.

The new cutting notch is handy, allowing me to cut 550 paracord while the blade is still detracted. The 550 cord fit well into the notch, and it looks as if 750 would fit as well. The blade would have to be deployed to cut anything much thicker.

550 cord attaches nicely to the built-in loop. The interesting shape of the loop allows the cord (or keychain ring, whatever) to easily swing out of the way during use.

The ingenious magnetic slide works flawlessly, at least when new. Beware that after plenty of use and gathering lint in your pocket, the mechanism needs a bit of love by means of disassembly and cleaning. Changing the blade requires disassembly anyway, and doing so is simple with the right tool - so a good cleaning is not a big deal.

Overall, I like the knife very much - and the new notch makes this a worthy upgrade from my original.

Meh - ok.

I had high hopes for the TUKK HD. I have been following on Instagram for a long time - finally pulled the trigger on purchasing as it is the only product like it.

I was underwhelmed. It feels cheap with the aluminum - I would like to see more "heft" if machined out of steel or a heavier metal. I actually laughed at the description "TUKK HD is a light duty utility knife..." (HD must mean something else?) I did not expect a replacement for larger utility knife, this just feels cheap in my hand.

I also do not think the slide mechanism is great - I expected better operation that is more consistent. I regularly find that it does not engage on pushing the blade, have to slide back and push down further to get the slide to engage the blade.

I guess it is worth $110, since that is what I actually paid. But if I had to put a price based on after using the product, I do not think that the price premium is worth it over a Gerber or other cheap product that is similar. The main reason I went with TUKK HD is the belt clip and expected a good feeling product with the machining.

Corinne Johnson
Love this size knife and the support it carries

Easy and convenient size, great blade replacement option. Love the styling!

Bradly Schramm

Great product made well works Great