TUKK is being discontinued, limited supply! 

TUKK XL - Standard Size Utility Blade



Product Details

TUKK XL stands for "Tactical Utility Knife Keychain - eXtra Large"

Tool-less Blade changes & Multiple lock positions :)

The Original TUKK was so popular, I decided to make an XL version that uses standard utility blades. I carried over the original design as much as I could, I hope you like it!

There is nothing like this on the market, it's original in every way all the way down to the lanyard loop. This is not a product you pull out of the package and it "just works" you have to understand how it works.

There will be a link to a YouTube video on your packaging, to explain the TUKK XL and how it works. How to load the blade, how to... everything :)  (also basically already on Instagram in multiple videos)

It all started on Instagram, so if you are on the fence about the TUKK XL please check out my instagram


Aluminum: ~1 oz.

Brass: ~2.5 oz.

Copper: ~3 oz.

Size: 2.625" long, 1" wide, 5/16" thick

Shipped without blade, but will be tested with DeWalt Carbide blades, link below.

***Actual product color/finish/appearance varies from batch to batch.***

****This batch has marks left by the anodize in the lanyard loop :( ****

Questions? DO NOT ORDER if you aren't sure of something. Click here to send me an email.

Click here for Replacement Blades on Amazon

Click here for Clip Replacement screws (Email me for main screws)

Must be 18 years old to purchase. Do NOT store in your pocket. Be Responsible, This is not a toy!

Tactical Keychains LLC shall not be liable for any damages that may be incurred with the use of this product.

Customer Reviews

Based on 150 reviews
Great tool, excellent quality, easy to carry!

Once I bought the blades they were easy to insert and the mechanism worked nice and smooth.
I like the craftsmanship and the material.

Great all around utility knife

The craft of the TUKK XL is so perfect.
Action is so smooth and it is user friendly.

I am glad to have purchased this after contemplating for a few months. If your in the same boat... I would say do it! No regrets on my purchase. I did add a 550 cord lanyard.

Excellent build quality and discreet.

Very practical tool that won't draw attention like a regular knife can or a standard box cutter. Light weight and pretty fun to fidget with and click. Bought it for work for international travel but now when I'm home it stays with me along with a standard folding knife.

Tukk your pants in!

What a great product! I love my new Tukk XL, and I’m pleased with my purchase. Communication was top notch, shipping was extremely fast, and attention to detail and quality is bar none impeccable! If you don’t own one you should, and if you do well then you already know. I’m now looking for excuses to open boxes. I found myself offering to help a stocker at Walmart to help him open boxes! I love how easy it is to change the blade which is a huge inconvenience with anything else out there, where tools are required to do so. A big thank you for such an awesome product!

Perfect pocket companion!

This has easily become one of my favorite pocket tools A close second is the original TUKK. I’m a minimalist edc kinda guy, so trying to find usual tools that are small can be kinda challenging. However, with the TUKK XL it was a no brainer and it never leaves my pocket. I don’t require many pocket tools but I find myself having to cut various things throughout my day. This product gets that job done perfectly! It’s easy one hand open design is convenient and the construction is top notch. Not only is the product great, but Brad is too. If you haven’t checked out his Instagram I highly recommend it. Being able to see his shop and how he conducts himself/business really give me confidence I’m buying a well made and high quality item.

Thanks Brad!